Add photos to Family Search in the Memory section. You can write up a story about the image if you know it and add the photo to the story. You can watch the video on how to add pictures:


Pick a photo of an ancestor in which there is nothing written about it. Have everyone write their own story of what they think was happening. Share their stories with everyone else.


Use the My Heritage colorize a photo program. This is a very simple application. You just upload a black and white photo and wait for a short time and it will colorize your picture. You can then download your colorized video.


  • Put together a photo album from your own life.
  • Put together a photo album for a family trip or activity.
  • Create a collage of an activity with photos and other items.
  • Look at a family photo album and talk about the pictures.

Watch old family videos or create new family videos.





Recreate photos. You can try to photos. You can try to find clothing that is the same, or take a picture in the same location or in the same order. The icon is a picture of four generation with my mother a young girl in the first picture and then in another four generations where she is the grandmother.

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