Personal Research

I became interested in family history at the age of thirteen. Many years ago, I decided I needed to put my family history up on the web. With the help of my husband and a few others I was able to create my first website. Family Search eventually came along and I try to post most of my research on that site. I am realizing that some of my research should still be posted. This page will give links to my original website and other research information.

Original website:

Names covered on the website: Kephart, Skaggs, and Watenpaugh

I never finished the other names on the page, but hopefully with this new website, I will be able to continue adding more of my research.

Pittsylvania, Virginia

Family Search Film # 007646033

Item 1

Book Index 1770 – 1788

 1770 – 1788 All people listed

Item 2

Book Index 1788 – 1797

1788 – 1797 All people listed

Item 3

Book Index 1797 – 1805

1797 – 1805 All people listed

Item 4

Book Index 1806 – 1812

1806 – 1812 All people listed

Slave List  1770 – 1805

Family Search Film # 007676281

Book Index 1834-1837

1834-1837 All people listed

Pittsylvania Research Site