Training: P4 Discover

The Family History Guide

Family Search Training

The Family History Guide has a wonderful training program. You can track your progress using the online program or use the document forms that can be printed. Below are the project links to the videos that you can watch to learn how to do each project. Screen shots on this page are courtesy of The Family History Guide Association. Their videos can also be found on You Tube.

Family Search Project 4: Discover

Goal 1: Get organized for research.

Goal 2: Identify a line to do research on, to extend your pedigree.

C: Use

C: Use

Goal 3: Form a solid strategy to research your selected lines.

Goal 4: Use FamilySearch record searches.

A. Records

B. Images

Goal 5: Use FamilySearch research tools.

A. Genealogies

B. Catalog

C. Books

D. Periodicals

E. Wiki

F. Surname Lists

Click link for Surnames

Goal 6: Develop your skills in searching records.


Goal 7: Solve problems and use effective research methods.

Goal 8: Take a family history trip.

Goal 9: Use FamilySearch Places and apps from the FamilySearch Gallery.