Training: P1 Trees

The Family History Guide

Family Search Training

The Family History Guide has a wonderful training program. You can track your progress using the online program or use the document forms that can be printed. Below are the project links to the videos that you can watch to learn how to do each project. Screen shots on this page are courtesy of The Family History Guide Association. Their videos can also be found on You Tube.

Family Search Project 1: Family Tree

Goal 1: Navigate Family Tree

Goal 2: View life details about ancestors

Goal 3: See children and other spouses

Goal 4: Use Find for locating ancestors

Goal 5: Use alternate landscape views

Goal 6: Change information for ancestors

Goal 7: Add ancestors you know about

Goal 8: Add sources for ancestor records

Goal 9: Learn to use record hints and attach records

Goal 10: Add notes about ancestors

Goal 11: Merge duplicate ancestors in your tree

Goal 12: Produce customized ancestry charts

Goal 13: Change your account settings

Goal 14: Use apps from the Family Search Gallery