Family History Fun Night

Family History Fun Night Activity


The activity was created to help families find creative ways to learn about their ancestors and become familiar with the basics of using Family Search.

The Family History Fun Night is best with three families. The night begins with a presentation with a few Family History quotes from April 2019 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints General Conference. Explanation to the options of the fan chart on Family Search are then covered. A little treasure hunt then begins after the short training. This gives each family the opportunity to practice what they just learned.

In preparation for the event, we as ward consultants requested access to their accounts for the husband and wife of each family. We search for occupation, address, records that can be attached and provide time to write a story for a family member/ancestor. We generate four clues per person, two sets per family, and with three families we will have prepared 6 sets of clues for the evening. 


  1. Families learn to work together to find relatives.
  2. It teaches people how to use Family Search especially the fan chart.
  3. All members of the family have something they can do.
  4. It helps train the youth especially the 11 years old children along with other family members.
  5. Three families are taught in an evening. This makes it a nice social event.
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